Please note this is a one day course with a certificate of attendance for your continuing professional development folder but is not a formal qualification.

“To equip a physiotherapy assistant with the knowledge and clinical reasoning skills necessary to work safely under supervision of a trained Aquatic Physiotherapist in a pool”.

Learning Outcomes
On completion of the course the participant should be able to:

  • Be aware of the relevant physical properties of water
  • Appreciate and experience the effects of buoyancy, turbulence and the metacentre on a body in water. 
  • Relate these properties to basic therapeutic handling in the water
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the physical properties of water to
    • Strengthening techniques
    • Range of movement techniques
    • Stabilisation
    • Balance
    • Relaxation 
  • Demonstrate the ability to confidently use various flotation devices in regard to patient handling
  • Demonstrate safe therapeutic handing of a patient in water
  • Gain an understanding of the effects of immersion on the physiology of the human body. 

  • Relate these changes to the safe screening of patients prior to Aquatic therapy 
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the main Health and Safety legislation, and its implications on running an aquatic therapy service
  • Demonstrate an understanding of water disinfection and testing related to the pool environment.
  • Relate the above to maintaining a safe environment for staff and users including the ability to risk assess and to work under supervision of trained Aquatic Physiotherapists.

9.00    (am)    Registration and Coffee
9.30                Lecture / Discussion:        Hydrostatics and Hydrodynamics
                                                                     Understanding water
10.45              Tea/Coffee
11.00              Pool Practical                     Hydrostatics and Hydrodynamics
                                                                     Applying the principles
                                                                     Exercise programmes
12.15  (pm)    Lunch
13.00              Lecture / Discussion:        Health and Safety Issues and screening
​                                                                     Pool Chemistry and Pool Testing
15.00              Tea/Coffee
15.15              Pool Practical                      Inspiring confidence – Handling skills
                                                                      Emergency procedures – relaxation
4.30                Discussion                           Evaluation and close

​Some information about the one day

Aquatic Therapy for Physiotherapy Assistants course